The best Side of big boss vote telugu

Sameer and team were being way too generous in that problem. When we head to payed toilets we don’t deny to pay them simply because we are not peeing but just altering pad. It is so simple as that.

Theju above motion chestundi antunaru kaani nak adi allari laga anipistundi.. amusement anipistadi..okarini thapuga chuste thapugane kanapadatharu…genuine ga chudandi.

Voting time may differ from episode to episode. Under may be the image with exact voting time. Don't forget, Votes inside the time will only be taken into count. You can Test enough time cycle in accordance with the 7 days.

యాదాద్రి లో మరో దారుణం వ్యభిచార గృహాలలో బంకర్లు.. చూసి షాక్

Share this information Using the Bigg Boss fans and conserve your celebrity from elimination and make them win the clearly show.

The present is going to star up from tenth June 2018. The premiere is on that day. By now the timing and timetable are already out.

Malli cheppadaniki reason vetukuntaru ( really Iam irritating for seeing bigboss) malli niti chebutaru Shyamala Garu ki 11 months Babu unnadu ani,Babu unte suprise cheyyachuga bigboss dwelling ki tesukoni vachhiiii.bloody…….

భూమి మీద చీకట్లను చీల్చుకుంటూ ఉదయభానుడు మెలమెల్లగా పైకి వస్తూ వెలుగులు పంచే మనోహర దృశ్యం అద్భుతం.

I feel kaushal is an efficient and jenuine person and taking part in very well.he his a kindhearted individual and hardly ever Possess a Completely wrong viewpoint on any individual and attempts to be pleasant everytime he can also be a wellwisher and I would like kaushal to become in house that may be the correct a single because every one of the housemates are concentrating on to eliminate him

అలాగే బిగ్బాస్ వన్ చూస్తున్నట్టుగా లేదు

Kaushal ne big boss check here house lo help save cheyandi thana inka set kaledu previous months garigina conditions We're going to give another chance remember to help save kashul garu

avnu archana ni kavalani target chesaru. karhika nijamgane double video game Perform chestundi. my vote to save lots of archana.

Be sure to reduce these a few a****les who doesn’t even how to speak to Some others.I'm able to bloody say there are several causes to do away with these file***ers .

you are able to vote your favourite contestant by way of Missed phone Voting. They will be some code and variety provided For each contestant of house. The missed connect with amount For each and every contestant is unique.

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